Mytheresa X Gucci Aluminium



Welcome to an exclusive glimpse into a captivating photoshoot featuring Gucci Aluminium at Mytheresa. Renowned photographer Lala Serrano has skillfully captured the essence of luxury and style against the stunning backdrop of Marbella's sunny shores.

Mytheresa team:
Emi Dixon, Joseph Mark Wood,
Carlotta Liguori
Photographer: Lala Serrano
Talent: Claudio Goncalvez, Diana Helzina
Production: Pierce & Pierce Productions for Mytheresa

In this visual narrative, Lala Serrano’s lens skillfully navigates the intersection of fashion and artistry, showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship and contemporary allure of Gucci Aluminium. Against the radiant sunlit landscapes of Marbella, each photograph becomes a testament to the fusion of high-end fashion and the vibrant energy of this picturesque location.

The synergy between Gucci Aluminium and Mytheresa is masterfully portrayed, highlighting not only the sophisticated designs of the brand but also the curated selection available at Mytheresa. From sleek accessories to statement pieces, the collection takes center stage in this sun-soaked setting, delivering a visual feast for fashion enthusiasts.

The allure of Marbella’s sunny ambiance serves as a character in itself, enhancing
the overall visual narrative of this production. Lala Serrano’s keen eye captures the interplay of light and shadow, creating a dynamic visual story that transports viewers to the heart of this glamorous photoshoot.

This production is more than just a collaboration; it’s a
celebration of creativity, luxury, and the timeless appeal of Gucci Aluminium. Join us in this visual journey as we unveil the artistry behind the lens, the elegance of Gucci Aluminium, and the radiant spirit of Marbella, all converging in a symphony of style and sophistication.

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